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Edufaith's Story

Established in 2019, Edufaith Consulting Educational Services is a testament to Dr. Nakia's commitment to inclusive education. After completing her book Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders, she felt compelled to continue to share the message of helping children with special needs and diverse learning styles and bring awareness so that the receivers of that information would also benefit from support. This venture was born out of a deep-seated passion for supporting students with diverse learning needs. As a parent of a child with a disability, Dr. Nakia experienced the challenges of navigating educational processes and accessing services.The firsthand struggle inspired a mission to create Edufaith, driven by the understanding that families deserve support and genuine comprehension of the processes of ensuring a quality education. 

With a career dedicated to sitting at the table and advocating for parents, Dr. Nakia recognizes the need through a dual lens as a parent and an educator. The impact of this unique perspective became evident during Dr. Nakia's journey as an educator and leader, witnessing the crucial need for support in understanding and developing successful processes for diverse learners and assisting parents and educators in supporting students with disabilities and diverse learning needs. Edufaith Consulting is not just an educational service; it's a catalyst for positive, inclusive change. Edufaith Consulting is a beacon of support, bringing a collaborative approach to ensure every family feels supported and truly understood. 



Dr. Nakia is an author, educator, podcaster, and CEO who values diverse learners and unique student needs. Dr. Nakia has been in education for over twenty years as an educator, school, and district administrator. Dr. Nakia is passionate about providing equitable services for students with varying exceptionalities served under IDEA-Special Education, Section 504, English Speakers of Other Languages, and College Accommodation Advocacy.


Dr. Nakia has a distinguished background in providing professional development and consulting services to support organizations with diverse learners. Through Edufaith, Dr. Nakia aspires to help and restore faith in education for students, parents, and teachers through community resources using her expertise in individualized learning.

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