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Your Educational Champion, Consultant and Strategic Partner

🔍 Educational Advocacy: We advocate for policies and practices that promote inclusivity and accessibility in education. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every learner, regardless of background, receives the support they need to succeed.​

🌐 Consulting Services: Our consulting services guide educational institutions, districts, schools and organizations seeking to create inclusive learning environments. ​

📚 Workshops and Training: Stay updated with the latest in diverse learner education through our workshops and training programs. Designed for educators, administrators, parents, community, and non-profit organizations these sessions are tailored to provide valuable insights and practical strategies.

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Successful Outcomes for All Learners

Edufaith offers services customized to meet the specific needs of each client.  Edufaith understands the processes relating to diverse learner services and works collaboratively with parents and districts to guarantee measurable results for diverse learners who receive services under:​

  • Guidance with processes leading to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504

  • Facilitate IEP/504 Meetings

  • Support and attend IEP/504 meetings on behalf of families.

  • Assist with seeking appropriate services for students with disabilities.

  • Consult and advise families and explain best educational services and supports for student success.

  • Assist with compliance issues under IDEA and OCR including mediation and complaints.

  • Educate families about diverse learners.

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An Educator with Heart Approach

Edufaith values the importance of each student's diverse future and takes pleasure in providing consulting services to support equitable learning environments. Edufaith provides professional development, program development, and consultancy services to organizations. We offer comprehensive solutions and resources: Manuals, Documents, Data collection/accommodation tracking forms, and technical assistance to enhance educational practices tailored to your organization. Trainings are research-based, aligned with adult learning theories, and provide current laws and content relating to the following:

  • Individuals with Disabilities Act (Special Education) Processes, IEPs, Compliance, etc.

  • Office of Civil Rights (Section 504 Services) under the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act

  • English Speakers of Other Languages

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

  • Intervention Team and Processes

  • Literacy

  • Parent & School Communication

  • Parent Night Topics 

  • or any requested topic

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Paths to Success beyond K-12

The journey does not end after high school graduation. Edufaith guides families and clients with college planning and accommodations advocacy. Services include:

  • College Disability Application, Advocacy, and Guidance

  • College Overview and Search Process, Application, and Preparation Assistance

  • General College Preparation Advice

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Empowering Educators at All Levels

Edufaith provides instructional  and leadership coaching for educators and leaders through a non-evaluatve coaching model. Districts offer great programs; however, support from employers can be intimidating. Edufaith offers coaching sessions with:

  • Practical research-based recommendations and strategies,

  • Quick-Collaborative meetings/cycles 

  • Immediate feedback and coaching to ensure effective solutions

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The Path to Success

Edufaith offers dissertation coaching that will help you assist with the dissertation or thesis process. Dissertation preparation can be overwhelming and stressful. Edufaith understands graduate students' needs and strives to support those needs. Servces include:

  • Guidance through the process 

  • Topic planning and feedback

  • Time management strategies

  • Action plan development and implementation

  • Mentoring and practice sessions

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Edufaith offers a free 30-minute complimentary consultation. Services are offered based on the location. Edufaith services are provided nationally and internationally.

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