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Essential Tips Webinar

Essential Tips Webinar

Do you want to learn about special education, IDEA Compliance, and ways to facilitate the special education world effectively?


The Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders Webinar will provide recommendations and resources to help change positively change the narrative of providing equitable services to students with disabilities in special education. The Essential Tips Webinar guides provide educators with a condensed professional learning tool for special education-related topics.


The Essential Tips Webinar outlines ninety minutes of reflective practices aligned with the book and special education information presented in manageable detailed oriented nuggets. The webinar provides a better understanding of the Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders book by analyzing the practical tips and recommendations chapter by chapter for educators serving students receiving special education services.


The Essential Tips Webinar highlights those tested and trusted specifics and valuable information to be successful while creating inclusive strategies, legal topics, and task-driven outcomes to cultivate positive change, equity, and inclusion positively.

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    A link will be sent to view webinar once purchase is complete within an hour. If you do not receive the link within an hour email me at and the link will be sent.

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