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Edufaith Essentials is an educational podcast that provides essential tips and knowledge about diverse learners: students with disabilities, Section 504, ESOL, MTSS/Response to Interventions, teaching, leadership, and current information. Edufaith Essentials' mission is to bring awareness, tips, and information to impact and promote inclusion in education positively.

Edufaith Essentials aims to Restore Faith in Education, One Student at a Time.



  • Dyslexia

  • Supporting Diverse Learners

  • Speech and Language Services

  • April Autism Awareness

  • Essential Tips for Special Education Leaders 2023 CEC Recap

  • Overview of Special Education Part Four: IEP Accommodations, Modifications and Related Services

  • Overview of Special Education Part Three: IEP Eligibility Categories

  • Overview of Special Education Part Two: IEP and Placement

  • Overview of Special Education Part One

  • College Transitions for Students with Disabilities

  • Post-Pandemic Resilience for Educators Students with Disabilities

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